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Personalize Your Personal Training: Send Me A Trainer Gives Fairfield County the Gift of Convenience

Alex Fischer – January 7, 2022 | Hearst Media CT

When it comes to exercise, finding your groove can be a challenge. Exercise facilities and guided workout classes can be overwhelming for many, especially those who are unsure about their physical fitness goals; not to mention the challenge of finding the time in a busy schedule to fit it all in. Now serving both Northern and Southern Fairfield County, Send Me a Trainer offers a hand-picked selection of trainers to choose from for anyone looking to get into better shape – all conveniently managed through an interactive app found in both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Because you’re more likely to stick to a workout program that fits into your lifestyle, Send Me a Trainer’s individual personal training sessions give men, women and teens the opportunity to reach their fitness goals on their own time. All packages include the ability to customize programs, taking convenience to the next level with high-quality workouts whenever and wherever you want.

Fairfield County owners Loring Allen and Josephine Moran, two recent graduates of the corporate world, have joined together to serve the county. While they each manage their respective territories, Loring, in Southern Fairfield, and Josephine in Northern Fairfield, they both personally curate their team of trainers by ensuring all trainers are certified, fully vetted and background-checked before they are invited onto the app. In both areas of the county, four, eight and the most popular 12-month packages are all available and customizable. A four-session trial package offers clients the chance to familiarize themselves with personal training. If desired, clients can rotate trainers for the optimal training experience and select where their sessions occur whether in person at their home, at a local park, in a gym they have access to or live virtually. Send Me A Trainer does not sell sessions, but rather reasonably priced programs that have proven success to meet client goals through consistency and accountability. Prospective clients can craft profiles for themselves in the Send Me a Trainer app based on their goals, and trainers that believe they are the right fit will reach out. Once a client buys a program package, then the magic begins.

“What I love about Send Me A Trainer for our clients is that it eliminates excuses and holds them accountable. All our programs provide the consistency necessary to achieve their goals, whether it’s to fit into a wedding dress, get in shape for sport season, or just look and feel better,” Allen said.

The Send Me a Trainer app centralizes all information clients need, including trainer profiles reflecting a variety of expertise and training styles, vaccination status and client testimonials. Additionally, the app can be used to communicate with trainers, manage sessions, purchase packages and customize programs. 

“We’re a one-stop-shop for clients because the trainers come to them. We have trainers that offer a variety of different certifications and expertise, so a client can select the right trainer or build out a variety-based routine without having to do all the research and payment negotiation themselves,” Moran said.

The Send Me A Trainer franchise supports people in all situations including prenatal and postnatal women, stay-at-home parents, working adults with tight schedules, teens, and seniors.

Many young athletes benefit from personalized training when preparing for an upcoming sports season, and because sessions can happen in the home, there’s no need for parents to shuttle their children from place to place. The same benefit goes for kids who may not find themselves interested in sports yet still enjoy being active. 

Send Me a Trainer also offers residential and corporate services through group fitness classes, education of gym equipment usage and special personal training package discounts. This is an excellent retention tool for both tenants and employees for apartment complexes and companies that have excess available space or gyms. 

Women-owned and operated Send Me a Trainer located in both Northern and Southern Fairfield County leads in creating easy and enjoyable ways to work consistently with a personal trainer that’s right for you or your child. With the new year around the corner, there’s no better time than now to make your health a priority. Download the app in the App Store or Google Play Store to set up a profile to view trainers in Fairfield County, Connecticut and find a trainer that can help you achieve your fitness goals. For more information, visit

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