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Summer Family Fun with Hidden Exercise

Paddle, paddle, paddle!

It’s no secret that kids look to their parents to model good habits. Especially when it comes to getting into and staying in shape. Summer is like a new year and a great time to commit to something good for the whole family. How can you resist when the weather begs us to be outside as much as possible – soak up the sun, collect vitamin-D, put a little color in your cheeks and build some muscle?

When it comes to fitness and exercise it is more than going to the gym and lifting weights or being in a mandatory gym class at school. It shouldn’t be something we do because we are told to do it. It’s something we aim to do because it’s fun and makes us feel good. Plus, it doesn’t have to be boring. The trick is to commit to doing something, even something small, every day, because it’s better than doing nothing. So how to do that?

Like an icky vegetable, exercise can be hidden in something good that you can do as a family like hiking, biking, kayaking, paddleboarding, waterskiing, swimming, and even gardening. Fairfield County has so many great outdoor places to see and things to do. How about committing to do at least one “hidden” exercise each of the 12 weeks of summer and get “the feels” through a boost of oxytocin and great family time memories. It’s not boring, or “icky”, when you do things together.

Another idea is to plan a fun neighborhood activity like building an obstacle course in your yard and invite the neighbors, or friends you haven’t seen in 2 years. Have the kids plan the course, create the invitations, and help them with the rest. Wind down that day with a spirited game of flashlight tag and s’mores.

Send Me A Trainer Fairfield County – encouraging family fitness, one hidden exercise at a time.

Hidden Gems/Hidden Exercise

Some of the favorite activities enjoyed by our team

Hiking in the County

Biking in the County

Kayaking in Stamford or Westport

Walking Trails in Newtown

Waterskiing in Brookfield

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